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I like The Newsroom but..

the newsroom’s world view, or a slight rant about an annoying trend I’ve noticed; not nearly as eloquent as it should be

TL;DR, Americanitis is tiring and you should get over yourselves cause the show feels too often like 'privileged americans fix the world'

Let me say, I really like The Newsroom. and I like Aaron Sorkin.

but I do have a bone to pick with the show.

No, not the treatment of women.

my problem is the show’s overwhelming americanitis.

I understand is set on the US, written by and for them, and all that, but the americanities sometimes makes me wanna strangle it.

See, I like how it tries to bring back respect to the fourth power. how idealistic it is about journalism. I like Neal’s enthusiasm about the internet. in fact, I like Neal in general. 

Like how he is a brit working on an american cable news show pitching stories about big foot and trolls.

I like how it tries to educate the public, how meta it can be about eating your vegetables.

I hate,however, how the show, and the show within the show, seem to think the world revolves around the states.

to News Night, I say: You are a News show. You are trying to be high brow and intellectual and yet all you report, all you care about is local news? I don’t think foreign news get to 10% of your coverage!

and because of that, the issues discussed in the actual show are always stuf happening in the states, not in the world.

I understand it in the case of Bin Laden, that you wanted to portray the huge deal it was because you were personally attacked, so who cares if the rest of the audience feels left out,right?

I’ve read of people crying with that ep, of feeling proud and patriotic, which is obviously something I’m not going to feel cause I’m Chilean. 

but I wish the rest of the time you’d focus more on world news. remember the fact that we live in a globalised world and that hey,maybe we should see what the rest o the world is up to.

Neal’s episode with the riots in Egypt was good for that very reason. because it went beyond what you guys were up to and to something young people like myself can remember, regardless of where we’re from. 

Sloan’s episode also dealt with global events and it was also really good. 

but when you talk about Casey Anthony, I don’t know who that is. the date shows up and I think you want to remember that day in my history but I can’t cause I’ve never heard of Casey Anthony and May 27,2011, while it does bring up memories, not the ones you want.

It’s just tiring to see what your country is up to and what you think.

I like people like Neal and Mackenzie cause they bring up a different POV, especially Neal.

If I wanted to hear what a bunch of privileged white americans think, I could tune in to CNN.

I don’t want that, I want to watch a show about news-making in the modern world.

I want to hear more about Neal and his view of the world cause his is far more global than any of you.

There are things happening in the world, always and yet only look up when there’s something fucking huge happening?  

It’s a good thing you didn’t cover February 27,2010, cause I would’ve hated to see that.

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Aug. 31st, 2012 11:42 pm (UTC)
relationships always have been sorkin's specialty, but I like how he usually tries to make whatever the object of the show is some high art. sports in sports night, television and comedy in studio 60 and now journalism.


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